Helping the Poor to Help Themselves

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a dayÖteach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!ĒÖ

Dr Abe teaching Haiti to fish for life.Caribbean Harvest was founded in 2005 by Dr. Valentin Abe, a world renowned agronomist, to re-create the commercial fishing industry is Haiti. Dr. Abeís dream was to apply modern aquacultural technology to establish a domestic fishing industry for Haiti, create thousands of jobs, and gain nutritional benefits for all Haitians.

Caribbean Harvest is a Haitian Charitable Foundation whose exclusive mission is to serve the needy people living in the impoverished villages that surround Haitiís largest lakes. First, one of the Caribbeanís most modern fish hatcheries was established in Croix-des-Bouquets, a farming community near Port-au-Price. Next, a prototype fish farm operation was set up near the Dominican Republic in Lake Azeui, Haitiís largest lake.

The farmer teaching Haitians to fish for life

Based upon this early success Caribbean Harvest is now trying to rapidly expand its operations to grow the fish farming activities in Lake Azeui and spread its success to other large lakes in Haiti. The Caribbean Harvest method is to function as a Co-Operative (Co-Op) for small fish farmers. All income (after growth capital, etc.) is distributed either as wages to the farmers or used to fund improved lifestyles in the fishing village communities around the lake. Production from our fish farms will, initially serve Haitiís domestic fish market (replacing imported fish) and, eventually, the export market.

Haitian village affected by poverty.Caribbean Harvest is committed to use environmentally friendly technology to produce the highest quality fish, provide a stable work environment with equal opportunity for all workers and seek personal economic and social growth for each local producer. We pledge to oppose poverty, increase education and improve health conditions for the poorest.

Caribbean Harvestís immediate activities are focused on accomplishing its initial mission on Lake Azeui to put 450 people to work and make striking improvements to the living standards of the 3000 people living in the seven (7) villages that surround the lake. We urgently need funding to accomplish this task in the shortest period of time.

Your gift to Caribbean Harvest makes a difference in the lives of thousands of poor Haitian fishermen!

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Latest News
  • Dr. Abe was named by Auburn University to be the York Distinguished Lecturer for 2010. On November 4-6 Dr. Abe joined the exclusive list of internationally known scientists and experts from a wide range of disciplines who have been invited to deliver public and technical lectures and seminars on the Auburn campus.

  • Caribbean Harvest received a significant grant in September from Operation Blessing International to install a solar power system that will enable it to expand production in its the tilapia fingerling hatchery to meet near term needs of the fish farms in Lake Azeui and other users throughout Haiti.

  • Recent disasters in October have continued to add to Haitiís tribulations. Luckily, Hurricane Tomas had only a minor impact on the fish farm operations. The spreading cholera epidemic has reached the village around Lake Azeui. Caribbean Harvest is working to help remedy the situation.

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Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. More than half its population is malnourished, and with this year's earthquake and hurricanes, conditions have worsened. Foreign aid is only providing immediate relief and not long term progress.
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Caribbean Harvest is leading the effort to build a sustainable commercial fishing industry for Haiti. Through its hatcheries and fish farms CH can create thousands of jobs for unemployed fishermen who live in impoverished villages around Haitiís largest lakes.
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Caribbean Harvest is attempting to expand very rapidly and reach an annual production rate of 2 million pounds of tilapia by the end of 2012 with good jobs for over 450 people. Profits from fish sales will flow through the Caribbean Harvest Foundation to be used for housing, waters supplies, food, schools etc. With adequate funding the fast job growth can be sustained enabling thousands to be removed from absolute poverty.
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Large and small charitable donations are needed by Caribbean Harvest to stimulate this aggressive job growth program. Twelve gifts of $100 will put one new cage in operation. $300 will put a child in school. $2,200 will purchase 2 cages and instantly create one job. $120,000 provide 50 quality jobs that will sustain one village.
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