About Dr. Abe - Founder of Caribbean Harvest

Dr. Abe - Founder of Caribbean HarvestDr. Valentin Abe, a widely acclaimed agronomist, has a strong reputation for aquacultural development programs. A native of the Ivory Coast and a Fulbright scholar, Dr. Abe earned his PhD in Aquaculture from Auburn University in 1995.

He then became a member of the International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environment (ICAAE) team at Auburn and assistant coordinator for their training program. And in 1997, became program Director for Haiti’s aquaculture development program. Dr. Abe started Caribbean Harvest in 2005, and has been recognized as one of the most effective leaders making a difference in Haiti. He impressed former president Bill Clinton, also the U.N. special envoy to the Caribbean nation. Dr. Abe was listed in Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the world, after being nominated by Clinton who wrote for the magazine:

"This year I have been especially Dr. Abe and former President Clinton influenced by people I’ve met in Haiti who have performed amazing things in the wake of the earthquake and even before, after the four hurricanes. One person in particular is a man from the Ivory Coast named Valentin Abe, 47, who, after graduating from Auburn University, went to Haiti to raise fish and to put more Haitians to work and increase their incomes.”

He has since been recognized for his accomplishments by NBC, CNN and other prominent media outlets.

Valentine Abe - Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World

Valentin Abe - the Celebrity (CNN)

His recent Haiti work (2005-2010) confirmed the technology practiced in the Auburn Aquacultural Laboratories. Caribbean Harvest is the real application of that technology. Partnering with Dr. Abe as founders of Caribbean Harvest are GATAPHY, a Haitian Charitable Foundation and the Social Enterprise Fund, a US 501 (c) (3) charity.

The Fish Farmers Story

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to read an article from Auburn Magazine about Dr. Abe and the beginning of Caribbean Harvest.

Caribbean Harvest Foundation Directors and Officers

Directeur Général and CEODr. Valentin Abe – Port-au- Prince (Haiti)

Chairman of the BoardH. Thompson Smith – Ponta Vedra Beach, FL (USA)

Vice Chairman and TreasurerPaul W. Morgan – Altamonte Springs, FL (USA)

Vice ChairmanPatrick Vilaire – Port-au- Prince (Haiti)

DirectorGeorge L. Mackay - Maitland, FL (USA)

Public Relations and Donor Support Officer - Candace Watson – Jacksonville, FL (USA)
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Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. More than half its population is malnourished, and with this year's earthquake and hurricanes, conditions have worsened. Foreign aid is only providing immediate relief and not long term progress.
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Caribbean Harvest is leading the effort to build a sustainable commercial fishing industry for Haiti. Through its hatcheries and fish farms CH can create thousands of jobs for unemployed fishermen who live in impoverished villages around Haiti’s largest lakes.
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Caribbean Harvest is attempting to expand very rapidly and reach an annual production rate of 2 million pounds of tilapia by the end of 2012 with good jobs for over 450 people. Profits from fish sales will flow through the Caribbean Harvest Foundation to be used for housing, waters supplies, food, schools etc. With adequate funding the fast job growth can be sustained enabling thousands to be removed from absolute poverty.
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Large and small charitable donations are needed by Caribbean Harvest to stimulate this aggressive job growth program. Twelve gifts of $100 will put one new cage in operation. $300 will put a child in school. $2,200 will purchase 2 cages and instantly create one job. $120,000 provide 50 quality jobs that will sustain one village.
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